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Related article: Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2011 21:53:09 -0500 From: Aaron Saxon Subject: Afraid to Tell Chapter 3As well as you all know by now, this story is copy written to me, the author.Email address is, in 1...2...3...we dropped our towels and stood there stark naked in front of each other. Stephen looked me up and down and I looked him up and down, both of our eyes landing at each other's crotches. Before we knew it, both of our penis' began to rise. Now it was Preteens Nude decision time, do we take it to the next level or do I hold off because I'm still unsure?I could tell that Stephen was kinda wanting to, but I told him we should wait because I wasn't sure it was what I wanted. Seeming heartbroken, he relented and we got dressed and went downstairs to see what John and Mitch were up to. I told him on the way down not to cry or let on about anything because I would somehow make it up to him and the got him to fight back his tears. I hated making Stephen cry. When we got downstairs, Stephen and I just stood staring in disbelief. John and Mitch were on the couch making out. John was gay?! I couldn't believe it. Why wouldn't he tell me? I thought to myself. Just then, Mitch looked up for a second and said, "ahem, John we have company."John and Mitch quickly broke free of each other and looked at Stephen and I. John said, "um...hi Mark, hi Stephen, um..." He couldn't figure out what to say, so he sat there with his mouth slightly open, when Mitch spoke up. "I guess the secrets out." He retorted. John just hit him on the arm. "Owww," Mitch said. John why didn't you tell me? I asked looking at Stephen and then at Mitch. I wasn't sure how to tell you little brother. I'm sorry. I thought you'd hate me if I told you. John I could never hate you. I decided to make everyone feel a little better and to diffuse the situation, by telling them that I thought I was gay too. It came off as a little of surprise to John, Mitch and Stephen. With eyebrows raised and a grin on Stephen's face, I reiterated that I only thought I might be gay.I said I needed some time to sort things out and that I couldn't do that right now. Stephen's grin suddenly went to a frown. I told him that no matter what we would always be best friends. That perked him right up again. Right about then, my parents came in the house with pizza in tow. We looked at each other and decided, without actually saying anything mind you, to not mention any of what's transpired today. We ate dinner, laughed a little and talked about our day. Sunday was pretty uneventful and Stephen went home that night. I could barely sleep any that night because I was thinking about Stephen all night and about how I was feeling about him. I was hurting and crying at the thought of being away from him, so around 1:00 am, I went and knocked on John's door. He said, come in. He could see the tears on my cheek and the red in my eyes, he asked me what was wrong. I told him it was about Stephen and that it hurt so much being away from him. He sat me down next to him and said that I had it bad, chuckling a little. This is serious, I told him. I've never felt like this before. John explained that this was perfectly normal and told me it'd be ok. He did advise me that I should tell Stephen how I'm feeling tomorrow. He asked me if I wanted to sleep next to him. I'd calmed down a bit by then and I said I'd like that. I crawled in next to him and he rubbed my cheek and hair as I laid there. Soon I was fast asleep. The next morning I woke up to John's alarm clock going off. It was 6:45 am. I started to squirm a little trying to get up. As I was doing so, I felt John's hard-on against my leg. It felt pretty big, maybe 7". Just as I was about up, John began to open his eyes and looked at me. "Feel better?" He asked. "Yea, a little, thanks." I really need to talk to Stephen today, but waiting until after school just seemed agonizing. The morning went by slowly at school, and by lunch I still hadn't been able to ask Stephen to come over to my house. I finally saw him and asked him if I could talk to him? He said sure.I can't really talk about here, but I would like it if you could come over to my house again today. It's important. After a little pleading and a pouty lip, he finally agreed. I grinned and said, "great!" We finished our lunches and went about the rest of our day. At 2:55 pm, the last bell rang for the day and I ran for my locker. Stephen met me by the front door and we were on our way.We got to my house about 20 minutes later, got our book bags and headed inside. John was sitting on the couch with Mitch. Both of them smiled at us and John nodded his head at me in approval. We headed upstairs to my room. "So, what did you wanna talk about Mark?" Stephen asked, rather plainly. "Um...well, I realized something last night." And what is that? When I was in bed all I could think about was you and I started to cry. Oh. I hope it isn't too late, but I finally realized how I feel about you, and I think it's love. More than friendship love too. I want to be with you and near you as often as possible. Stephen's eyes began to water over, after he got over the initial shock of it all. Do you feel the same way about me? I asked him. He looked at me and said that he'd felt like that for a while now. So, what do we do now? Let's take it slow and see where it goes, Stephen said. Ok, I interjected, leaning in and kissing his forehead. He took his hands and cupped my head in them pulling me into a lip lock. Just a moment later there was a Preteens Nude knock on my door. It was John. He asked if were ok? We're fine, I said to him. Can I come in? we motioned for him to come and sit down. I put my arm around Stephen and John commented on how cute we were. Both of us blushed when he said that, but we were happy, all 3 of us. Now, how were going to tell our parents? I mean, we were afraid to tell each other and I was afraid to admit how I felt to Stephen. To be continued... Please don't post this without asking me first. I hope you enjoyed this little chapter.
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